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Learn More - Updating Meter Readings via E-mail

Meter Entry through Email

Meter information can be automatically imported to an eMaint X3 account through email sent from your metering equipment. When your equipment sends the data to our mail server, in the format listed below, your meters will reflect the most current meter information; without having to manually input data.

Below is an example of an auto-meter via email entry. It consists of 6 lines (1 line for each press). Each line consists of 4 comma separated values:


1. The "Date Taken" for the data in a YYYY/MM/DD format.
2. The "Time Taken" for the data in a HH:MM:SS format.
3. The 6 character PLC identifier (PLC-ID).
4. This is the number of units produced. This field will be replaced by an "*" if the data is unavailable (such as might be the case on a "down day").
5. The administrator account name
6. The unit of the meter being submitted

Please note the following:

                A) The email must be in Plain Text format
                B) The email should be sent to
                C) The 6 character identifier is NOT the Asset ID - it is the PLC ID on the asset record

                eMaint recommends that you partner with support before attempting to begin emailing your meters to ensure a smooth transition. Support can be reached by telephone at 856-810-2700 extension 1, or by email at