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Learn More - Creating Purchase Orders

Creating Purchase Orders


The Create Purchase Order menu option is accessible from the Navigation Tab. allows you to create a purchase order for a supplier, adding the items as you go. You have the option of associating a work order with the purchase order and determining the Terms data that is listed on the PO form.

Purchase Order Tab

To create the PO, fill in the appropriate information on the Purchase Order tab. The two essential pieces of information are a Supplier and an item to be purchased. All of the other fields are optional.

  • PO# field will auto-complete when the items are added to the PO.
  • PO Date may be changed when you enter the PO, but it will default to the current date.
  • Location will show MAIN.
  • WO# allows you to associate a work order already in your work order center with this PO. Enter the applicable work order number into the field if the PO will be used for a work order.
  • Click the folder under Supplier Information to choose a Supplier from your Maintenance Contact list. The basic contact information from that contact record will be pulled into the PO.
  • The Ship To information is pulled from your ‘Change Your Settings’ information. You may also type into this field to edit the information for this PO.

Once you have completed the appropriate fields on the PO, click the Proceed button in the 'Actions' section at the bottom of the PO form. You can then enter the items to be ordered either by typing the item number into the field or by selecting from the Parts File Listing using the lookup. The parts you have selected will display into the bottom of the form. When you are finished adding parts, click Done.

Terms, Etc. Tab

The Terms tab can be customized to show the information you need to capture for the PO. The default fields are Ship Via, FOB, Freight, Confirm, and Buyer. The terms can be entered at creation of the PO header or in edit mode.

Comments Tab

Comments can be used to enter any information you wish. This information does not print on the standard printed version of the PO. Comments can be entered at creation of the PO header or in edit mode.

Invoices Tab

If you have a need to keep track of invoices received against purchase orders in your system, you can enter that information on the Invoices tab. This form can be configured to capture the information you need. You can also use the Query Tool to report on the information entered here.

Purchase Order Functions

Add Line – This button will open a new line to enter an additional item to the PO.
Edit – This function opens the PO header for editing. You can edit the Location, WO#, Terms, and Comments in edit mode. You will only be able to edit these fields when no items have been received against the PO.
Print – Print the Purchase Order form.
Receive – You can receive directly from the PO by clicking the Receive button.
Receipts – Receipts opens the screen to show any items received against this PO. Click the return link in the top right-hand corner of the page to return to the normal PO view.

You can also edit the line items which have not been received by clicking on the pencil icon. To void a line item, click on the trash can icon for that item.

To void an entire PO, remove all the items by clicking each trash can icon. When all the items are removed, the PO is voided.