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Learn More - Managing Inventory Suppliers

Managing Inventory Suppliers

This document describes how to associate suppliers with inventory items to aid you in the purchase process. In eMaint, each supplier must have a supplier record in the Maintenance Contacts table. Before you can associate suppliers with parts, you must first make sure that each supplier has a contact record established. Once supplier records are in place, the suppliers may be associated with parts.

Begin by adding the supplier to your Contacts. Fill out the form with the pertinent information, and indicate “Supplier” as the value for the 'Category' field. Use the “Supplier” option to help you locate your suppliers in a list view. When the form is complete and saved, you are now ready to assign the supplier to your parts.

Each part has an “Item Suppliers” table. This table appears below the detail form and holds the supplier information from the Contact record in addition to the supplier part number, manufacturer part number, last received date and last cost for this inventory item.

Add a new supplier by clicking Add in the right corner of the Item Suppliers section. You can also edit or delete existing suppliers by clicking the GoTo link to the left of the record.

To add a new supplier:

  • Use the folder icon to open your contact list. Locate your supplier in the list and click the Select link to import the Supplier ID and the company name onto the form.
  • Enter the supplier part no in the 'Suppl. Part No.' field. This field is optional, however the supplier part number will be populated on the purchase order is entered here.
  • Enter the 'Manufacturer' and the 'Manufacturer Part No.' These fields are optional.
  • The 'Rating' field is used to rate your suppliers. This can assist other purchasers in choosing a preferred supplier. This field is optional.
  • Last Cost and Rec'd Date are automatically updated when the part is received from a purchase order.
  • The 'Supplier Memo' field can be used to hold comments or other information about your supplier.
  • The 'Default' field sets this supplier as the default for this part. If set to “True”, this supplier will be auto-populated when creating new purchases orders.
  • Click Save Changes to save the information.

Repeat this procedure if there are more than one supplier for this part.

NOTE: Supplier information is mandatory if you use the Purchase link on the parts form or the Parts Re-order List. When you create parts records, you should also create at least one supplier relationship.

If you are unsure of a part's supplier but would like to purchase this part, you can create a blanket supplier record in your Contact file and use it for the situation then change it to the proper supplier later on.