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Learn More - Adjusting Field Properties

Editing Field Properties


The Field Properties of a field indicate the way in which that field will behave in the table where it resides. The properties control the look of the field, the values that can be entered in the field, and even if information can be entered in the field. Before making changes in this form, it is a good idea to take System Administration training so that you will understand the process and the consequences of actions in this area.

General Properties

The values that can be changed in the General Properties will depend upon the field type. Most of the options are self-explanatory. Here are a few which you should note:

  • Description is the field’s description as the user will see on the field.
  • Use Default Value if you have a common entry for this field.
  • The Required checkbox requires the user to enter a value into the field before saving the record.
  • Sortable will allow you to use this field for sorting in the list view. When you click to save this change, be sure to read the instructions that will appear.

You must click Save if you make changes on this form.

Text Properties

Text Properties govern the way the field looks: color, font, maximum # of characters.

Lookup Properties

Lookup Properties is where you establish one of the three lookup types available in the system. Be sure you change No to Yes in the Field has a lookup? drop-down before selecting a lookup.

Data Dictionary Link

The link at the bottom of the properties page will take you directly into the data dictionary record for this field. If you have not taken System Administration training, you should stay away from this link as changes made here can cause significant problems if you do not know what you are doing.