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Road to Success

eMaint developed the Road to Success program to demonstrate our commitment to our prospects and customers and counteract the statistical fact that 50% of CMMS Implementations fail within the first year.

Here's how the program works:

The Road to Success provides prospective clients with guidance and instruction to help them master the core components of our system. It is designed in a way that lets them work with the application and use it in a training-like environment during their trial period.

We take the customer through a process that acclimates them to using a CMMS with structured sessions:
Session 1: Basic system setup and navigation
Session 2: Setting up PMs and work orders
Session 3: Adding labor and parts charges and closing work orders

You'll find success working with the most flexible, full featured and cost-effective CMMS solution on the market. If you don't see the value of X3, you can discontinue use and you have invested no money. If X3 is successful in answering your CMMS needs, we welcome you to join the eMaint family.

The Road to Success is not a replacement for training. But because it provides the user with an overview of the basics of the system, it better prepares them to participate in our training courses and services. Each session builds on the previous session so that the user gains knowledge, confidence and experience. In between sessions the customer is hands-on with the system, entering data and stepping through the lessons that have been covered.

Those who graduate from the Road To Success have a solid understanding of the workings of the system. They are then better equipped to build on that baseline of knowledge and participate at a higher level in their system implementation and configuration. We find that these graduates often have a higher success rate of adopting X3 into their daily work process.

To help you take advantage of this unique program, we've recorded each of the Road to Success sessions that can be viewed 24/7 at your convenience. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride on the Road to Success