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Learn More - Work Order Print Manager

Work Order Print Manager

Available from the Work Center in your Navigation Tab, the Work Order Print Manager allows you to print multiple work orders using various filters. Any field by which you would normally filter your work orders can be made available on this screen.

Selecting Filter Criteria

You can choose the fields you would like to use in your Work Order Print Manager. In the right-hand column of the Manager screen, there is a plus sign in the black column heading; this sign is for adding a field.

To add a field:

  • Click the plus sign in the far right-hand corner of the black column-heading area. A new filter selection window will open with a list of all available fields in the left-hand box.
  • Highlight the field in the list on the left-hand side.
  • Click the 'Add' button to drop it into the selection box on the right.
  • If you accidentally choose a field, you can highlight it on the right-hand list and click remove to send it back to the main list.
  • Once you have selected all the fields you need, click 'Save' to update the Work Order Print Manager with the new fields.

To remove a field from Work Order Print Manager, click the minus sign to the far right of that field's row on the Manager.

Selecting Printing Criteria
  • The data range is automatically set for 3 months prior to the current date. If you wish to see work orders out of this range, be sure to adjust the date.
  • You can enter a range of work orders. If you leave the range blank, the system will include all work orders within the criteria of the search.
  • WO Status defaults to 'Open,' but you may select 'Closed' or 'All' as well.
  • If you wish to select additional filters, type or select the value for the field.
  • On a field which has a box in the 'All' column, you must check the box in order to turn off the filter for that field and view all available information.
  • When you are ready click the Prepare to Print button. This action will search the Work Order Center for work orders which fit your set of criteria. Once it is finished, it will indicate how many records there are to print.
  • If you are satisfied with the results, click the Proceed to Printing button. This will load the “Work Order Print Options” screen to choose the print format.
  • Clicking Go will prepare the printouts, then give you a print icon. Click this icon to preview the work order printout.

NOTE: If your search returned 0 results, click the Reset Form link in the right-hand corner to try a different set of criteria.

Printing Formats

PDF Form – The work orders will be printed individually in PDF format. You must have the Adobe Acrobat viewer for this option. The viewer is available directly from the Print Options page.

PDF List –
PDF List consolidates all the work orders into a list which gives the brief description of the work along with the asset ID, Assigned To person, WO Type, PM Group, Route and WO date. The user can mark the check box next to the work order number to indicate completion.

HTML Form –
The work orders will be printed individually in HTML format. Select this format if you have made use of the HTML editor within your work orders. This form will allow you to see the HTML formatting. If you view HTML formatting within a PDF print format, you will see only the HTML code.

Batch Print Console

After using the Work Order Print Manager or the Print and Email options in the Generate PM Work Orders tool, a small window will appear:

Batch Print Console

This window will show all recent mass print/email jobs, as well as any single print/email jobs that include documents. You'll be able to see whether the job is complete or still processing. If there are a lot of work orders or if there are some large documents, it may take a few minutes to complete. You can even close this window and continue working in other parts of the system will it processes. You can return to this screen by using the “Batch Print Console” option located on the Navigation screen. When finished, print jobs will say “Click here to download.” Clicking this will let you open the PDF document and print it.

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