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Learn More - Adding Fields to the Close Out Form

Adding Fields to the Close Out Form

Virtually every area in eMaint X3 can be customized using Design Mode. However, the work order form’s Close Out page doesn’t have this option. This tutorial will show you how to add existing fields on your Work Order form to your Close Out form.


Access to Design Mode (Customize Form) and the Data Dictionary.


You will need to access the Data Dictionary to complete this tutorial. Even the simplest mistake in this area can render an account useless and unfixable without eMaint Support’s assistance. Be very careful! If you are unsure, contact eMaint’s Technical Support department to assist you.

Because of the risk involved with editing the Data Dictionary (see Warnings), it is strongly recommended you read the entire document first.


  • Go to the Detail View of any work order.
  • Enter Design Mode by clicking the Options link on the top-right of the work order then click the Customize Form option in the menu that appears.
  • Locate the field you wish to add to the Close Out form and click the Properties icon. This will open the Field Properties window.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click the Data Dictionary link. The Data Dictionary record for the field will open.
  • Locate the field labeled “Mroutine”. Insert the word “CLOSEOUT” into the text box. This field is case-sensitive, so be sure it is in all caps. If Mroutine has an existing value, insert a single comma after the existing value, then add “CLOSEOUT”. No spaces!
  • Save the changes then close the Data Dictionary window.
  • On the work order form, click the Exit Design Mode link located just above the Print and Purchase links to return to the regular view mode.

You’re all done! See your customized Close Out form by clicking the Close Out link on the work order. If you’re not going to close the work order, click the Return To Work Order link to return to the work order without closing it.


It’s best to use Edit-In-Place to edit a Data Dictionary record so you are sure you are editing the correct field.

You may want to identify all the fields you want to add before performing this procedure. This will avoid confusion with other users.