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Learn More - Entering Meter Readings

Entering Meter Readings


Meter Reading values must be entered manually or captured electronically to update the data on each Asset in order to have meter-based PMs properly generate. You can enter meter values manually with the Add New Meter Reading link. Enter the Meter value, Date, and Taken By fields for standard meter readings.

Add New Meter Reading

Tran. ID – Displays the system's internal transaction ID associated with this meter reading.
Meter Type – This is measured in usage (i.e., Hours in operation, Miles or Kilometers traveled, Units of production, etc.). Select the type of meter that corresponds to the meter reading you are recording.
Date Taken – The Date of the Meter Reading
Taken By – The initials of the person taking the Meter Reading
Meter Reading – Record the reading of the meter in this field. This information will be automatically displayed on the PM Schedule that corresponds to this meter reading.
Reset – This True/False field would be set to True only if the meter counter had to be reset.
Adjust – The adjustment value is the amount of the meter units that occurred between the last meter reading and the point that the meter was reset. Only record an adjustment if the reset value is True.

When you have completed your entry you can either select Save New Record or Cancel Changes.