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Learn More - My Account Setup Options

My Account Setup Options

There are several options available under the Setup menu. The options that are reviewed in this Learn More are ‘Change Your Settings’ and ‘User Administration.’

The Account Settings screen contains two sections. The top portion shows the information for the user and the bottom portion shows the areas of the system which the administrator can manage. When making changes in any section, be sure to save the settings before leaving that page.

The top portion of the screen contains the account and contact information for the current user. You can change your account password, set a password expiration interval (default is 0; password is valid indefinitely) or make other updates to your contact information.

The bottom section provides links to manage the way work orders and PM’s are managed in your system.

  • General System Settings – Allows you to set system wide formatting such as the date format, the currency symbol, turning on and off old-style lookups, system-wide user password expiration and turning on Edit In Place.
  • User Interface Settings – Allows you to add, remove and rearrange the tabs.
  • General Work Order Settings – Allows you to choose if closed work orders can be edited, if closed work orders can reopened by the administrator, which related tables will be included on the work order’s HTML printout and what the next work order number will be.
  • Work Order Email Settings – Allows you to choose which contacts – Administrator, Perform For, Assign To, Request Notification Group – will be notified when work orders are opened or closed in your system. In the case of Request Notification Group, you can also set the Take Ownership Link which allows the user to assign and close a work order to himself through the email. Lastly, you can also choose the subject line for those emails.
  • PM Email Settings – Allows you to activate automatic generation and emailing of the PM schedules in your system.
  • Inventory Control Settings – This module allows for multiple inventory locations to be used for purchasing in your system. You will be unable to modify this area unless you have the module installed. Inventory Control Settings also contains an option to charge parts directly to an asset instead of through the work order charge out process. When selected, this option will create a new link on the assets called ‘Parts Charge.’
  • Purchasing and Requisitioning – This module allows for control of the requisitioning process for those eMaint clients who use it. These settings do not affect the purchasing process for clients who do not use requisitioning.