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Learn More - Name Plates

Name Plates


Name Plate information allows you to add specific equipment information to individual assets without adding the additional fields to the detail screen for every asset. The Name Plate Master List is located under the Data Center Menu Option.

A Name Plate field consists of two identifiers:

PlateID – The type of equipment (also referred to as the Name Plate attributes). There are 34 different types of equipment or Name Plate attributes pre-loaded in the master list. Examples include AVC_UNIT, COMPRESSOR, BOILER, PRODUCTION and PUMP.

Description – the particular item of information. Examples include. Lifting Capacity, Generator and Voltage.

Each Plate ID will have multiple descriptions depending on the amount of information which must be gathered for that type of equipment. From the Name Plate list you can add new plate ID’s for your equipment and as many types of descriptive fields as you wish.

Creating Name Plates

The Name Plate master list is located in the Data Center. You may add a new Name Plate value type directly from this list by clicking Add New Record.

  • Enter the Plate ID. The ID should not exceed 10 characters nor have spaces.
  • Enter the description of the type of information.
  • All Name Plate fields entered here will be available to load from the Name Plate section of the asset.
Associating a Name Plate attribute with an asset record

Go to the asset, and scroll to the bottom of the detail view. In the Name Plate Information section, click the Import Attributes link. You will be taken to the Name Plate manager which will allow you to select an Attribute List (Plate ID group) from a drop down list.

When you click the Copy List Attributes button, all of the field descriptions available for that PlateID will drop into the Name Plate Information section for that asset. Click the GoTo link to add the values for the fields. If any of the Name Plate fields are not necessary for this asset, click the GoTo link to delete the individual fields from the list for this asset.

Adding unique line items of Name Plate Information

You can also add special line items of information for an asset. This Name Plate will show only on this asset and will not be available to choose from the main Name Plate list. Click the Add link within Name Plate Information table. Fill in the Plateid and Description fields. Notice that the value field is revealed for updating as well.