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Learn More - Parts Re-order List

Parts Re-order List

The Parts Re-Order List is used to display the list of parts in the system that are due for reordering. Parts are considered to be in need of ordering based on the following criteria: Stock Item is equal to True and On Hand quantity plus On Order quantity is equal to or below the Reorder Point. The list is dynamic and will reflect any changes made to the detail of the parts shown. There must also be an amount in the Order Qty. field for the part to display in the list.

Each item on the list displays the following default fields from the part record: the Item #, the order quantity, the unit cost, the default supplier ID and supplier name, the Location, Sequence, Dept, On Hand, On Order, Order Point, date of last order, and Account #.

If you have multiple suppliers associated with a part, you can click the lookup to the right of the Supplier ID for the part and select a different supplier for that order.

There are two numbers (separated by /) at the top left side of each part displayed on the list. These numbers indicate first the item’s place in the list and second the total number of items on the list. For example, the 2/3 adjacent to the second item indicates that this is the second of a total of 3 items on the list.

At the top of the list, you have options for the following:

  • Sorting the List – You have the option to sort the list by Item #, Supplier ID, Location, or Department. The default sort is by Supplier ID. To change the order of the list from the default value, select a different option from the drop-down list, and then click the Refresh link to the right of the sort drop-down. The list will redisplay as indicated.
  • Supplier ID Filter – You can enter a specific Supplier ID into this filter box; and when you click the Refresh button, the list will redisplay showing only those parts on the list that had that Supplier ID indicated on their record. By using this function, it becomes easier to process the items for that one supplier, or print a summary list of items for that supplier.

NOTE: Parts cannot be processed unless they have a valid Supplier ID associated with them. If the Supplier ID is blank on any record on the list, check the lookup folder to the right of the Supplier ID. The Supplier list may be blank because you did not identify any suppliers. If there are no suppliers associated with the part, go back to the part detail of that item (using the part link provided) and associate the required supplier. Because the list is dynamic, you will find that supplier in the list for the part when you refresh to the Re-Order list.

  • Printing List Summary – You are able to print a summary of the Parts Re-order list by Item #, Supplier ID, Location, or Department. The default setting is to sort by Supplier ID. When you select this option, a screen displays that instructs you to “Click to view printable PDF of list.” You can print the list directly from the screen, and then click Refresh List in the top right corner of the print screen to return to the Re-Order List view.
  • Default Expected Date – You can apply the same “Default Required Date” to all the items currently displayed in the list by entering a date (mm/dd/yyyy) into this filter box and clicking the Refresh button. This date will be printed on the Pending PO and also the Purchase Order itself.
  • Default PO – Once you have applied your Supplier ID filter and are showing only the parts that you will reorder from that supplier, you can enter a PO number into the “Default PO” filter. When you click Refresh, that PO number will be entered on each part record currently displayed in the list. You can then proceed to the processing step.
Processing Items on the Parts Re-Order List

Once you have displayed the list and set the filters that you want to set, each item on the list can be processed with a PO number or without a PO number. If you enter a valid PO number (or have set it through the filter) and click the Process button, the item will be moved to the Purchase Order Center and will be ready to be received.

If you click the Process button without entering a PO number, this indicates that the item is Pending (you are planning to order it but are waiting for a PO number). Any item processed without a PO number will be available in the Update Pending PO screen.

Once the Process button is clicked on an item from the Re-Order List, the item will not appear in the Re-Order list again until it comes due for reordering again.

All items processed on the same day for the same supplier will be assigned the same requisition number. The requisition number is an internal number which the system uses for processing items. You will be able to see the requisition number on the Pending PO screen but you will not need to use it for anything in the system.