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Adding an Assignment

Creating an Assignment

We’re going to start by creating an assignment. This is done by assigning a contact to a work order, for a certain amount of time, on a certain day. Just follow these steps:

1: First, click the box to the left of any contact that appears in the contacts panel. This will put a check mark in the box and cause the record to turn orange, indicating that this contact is selected.

Selected Contact

NOTE: You can select multiple contacts, in which case, you'll be creating separate assignments for each of them

2: Now, we need to select a work order. This works the same way as selecting a contact. Just click the box to the left of any work order to select it. A window will come up with a date field, simply called "Date" and a numeric field called "Hours."

Adding Assignment Window

3: The first thing we need to do here is to set a date. Click the calendar icon next to the "Date" field to bring up the "Date Picker" tool and select the date for which you’d like to make this assignment, by clicking on it.

Date Picker

4: Next, we have to define a number of hours for this assignment. Enter the number of hours you'd like the employee to spend on the work order in the “Hours” field. NOTE: If the work order you chose has a value for the "Estimated Hours" field, the blank will fill in with that value by default.

5: Now, the scheduler has all the information it needs in order to make an assignment; the person to whom it’s assigned, the work order that’s assigned to that person, the date of the assignment, and the number of hours. Just click “Save” (You can also use the “enter” key), and the assignment will be created.

6: You’ve just created an assignment! You should see it on the calendar, now (as long as the day it’s scheduled for is in view on the calendar).

Scheduling For Date

A feature that makes adding assignments a little easier and more streamlined is the ability to set a “scheduling for” date. If you double-click anywhere in the blank space for a day, you’ll see it become highlighted in blue and a button, saying “scheduling for xx/xx/xxxx” will appear above the calendar, next to the navigation and options buttons. This defines, in advance, the date for which you want your assignments to be scheduled.

Highlighted Date

If you create another assignment now, you'll see how it works:

1: Highlight a contact in the contacts panel by clicking on the checkbox to the left of it.

2: Click the checkbox next to a work order to select it.

3: When the window comes up, you'll see that the "Date" field is already filled in with the date you double-clicked earlier.

4: Enter a value for "Hours" and click "Save" or just click "Cancel" if you don't want to create the assignment.

5: Click the “scheduling for xx/xx/xxxx” button above the calendar to remove it and return to normal.

You can add a few more assignments to further familiarize yourself with the process, if you'd like.