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Modifying Assignments

Modifying Assignments

The visual representation of each assignment is made up of 2 boxes, which are, by default, two different shades of red. The larger outer box is the contact box. This shows the contact’s name and the total number of hours that are scheduled. The smaller inner box is the work order box. It displays the information on the work order that’s assigned to that contact. There can be several work orders inside one contact box.

1: Create 2 assignments for the same person, on the same day. They can be different work orders.

2: You’ll see that the 2 work order boxes are inside the same contact box.

On the left is a single assignment. On the right are two assignments for a single person, grouped together:


If you click on the work order box of an assignment, the “modify assignment” window will appear. You can edit, delete, or reassign it.

Modify Assignment

1: The Date and Hours fields are available for editing. Simply change the values here and click the save button. To change the value in the date field, you can either use the date picker tool or manually type in the date in the proper format.

2: To delete the assignment, just click the delete button. The screen will refresh and the assignment will be removed from the calendar. NOTE: When you delete assignments, you are actually marking them for deletion. To remove them completely, use "remove deleted records” in the navigation screen.

3: In order to reassign the assignment, you must first have the new assignee selected. Before opening this menu, click the box the left on a name in the contacts panel. Then, click on the inner box of the assignment to open the “modify assignment” window. Now that you have a contact selected and this window open, clicking the “reassign” button will assign the work to the contact you’ve selected. A message will come up, asking you if you’d like to do this. Just click OK and the screen will refresh to show that the work has been reassigned.

If you’d like to edit a group of assignments, simply click the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner of the outer box of the grouped assignments. A different “modify assignment” window will come up. Here, you will see all of the same options except “delete.” This is essentially the same as the individual “modify assignment” window but one key difference is that it will show a list of assignments, if there are more than one in that group. Changing the dates can be done individually or together by clicking the "+" or "-" buttons in the date heading.

Modify Grouped Assignments