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Viewing the Report Writer Screen

Viewing the Report Writer Screen

The Report Writer screen can be sorted by Name, Comments, Owner, Type, Public status, and Read-Only. Click on the column title to switch the view to separate the reports by that column heading. When you click on the diamond, it will become an arrow pointing up to show the reports in descending order by that heading, click the arrow.

NOTE: When you sort by Owner you are dividing the screen into queries you have made and those made by others.

Report List

Click on a report to select it. Once a report is selected, you can use the buttons above the list to perform various actions.

  • The Run button runs the query and the arrow next to it will allow you to choose the format in which you’d like to run it (HTML, PDF, Excel, etc).
  • The New button lets you create a new report from scratch.
  • The Edit button is for editing the specifics of the report including the tables and fields used in the report. Double clicking on the report will also take you to edit mode.
  • The Copy button is used to make a copy of the selected report. When you click this, you will be asked to give the copy a name.
  • The Delete button is used for deleting the report.

Sorting the Report List

The list of reports can be sorted and grouped, using the column headings.

Report List Headings

To sort by a column, simply click on the heading. Click it again to alternate between ascending and descending order. You can also group reports together by a particular field by selecting the Group By This Field option in the dropdown menu for that column.

Report List Sorting

NOTE: While viewing a report, click the List tab will return you to the list of reports.