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Grouping Data

Grouping Data

Grouping data means to have one record of data represent others that belong in its group. If more than one record falls into a similar group of records, only one of those records will be used in the result table. That single record will represent the group of records it belongs to.

An example of the use of grouping would be creating a report about the cost of purchase orders in your system where you do not want to see each individual item on each PO. You would group the report by PO# so that you would only see one line for each PO.

To group items, first click the Sort&Group tab. That will take you to the Sort & Group screen.

Sort & Group Tab

Initially, both the Sort and the Group boxes will be empty, indicating that there is no sorting or grouping applied to the report. To add grouping, click on the folder icon, for the appropriate table, in the Group box. This will bring up the field selection window. Select the field by which you want to group the records and click the Save button. The field will be displayed in the Group box.


NOTE: You can group fields within other groupings. The grouping will be based on the order in which the fields are listed. For example a report that groups all work orders by Building and the WO Type would show a listing of each Building with one record for each WO Type entered for that Building.

The the fields in the box can be rearranged by dragging and dropping. Click the trashcan icon will remove them from grouping.