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Running the Query

Running the Query

Run Button
Regardless of which tab you’re currently viewing, there will be a Run button in the upper right-hand corner. Clicking this will run the query.

Before you view the results of your report, you may select an alternate type of output from the dropdown on the Run button. Click the output you’d like to see and the report will run.
Output Options
Output Types:

  • HTML: Run the report in HTML format
  • PDF: Run the report as a PDF document
  • Excel: Save or open the report as an excel file
  • CSV: Save or open the report as a comma separated value file
  • FTP: Manually run the report and transfer the file to a specified location on a server via FTP (settings under Advanced Options will have to be configured first)
  • Graph: If the report is configured appropriately, this will allow you to run it as a graph (bar graph, pie chart, etc)
  • Instrument: This allows you to create custom instruments that can be placed on the dashboard
  • PDF Summary: This is a condensed version
  • Report Template: This is used for custom configurations that can be done

Update Criteria

If your report has filters with Ask? turned on, you will see a screen that says “Update runtime criteria.”

Update Runtime Criteria

This is where you will specify the values for which you’d like the query to search. Enter your operator and criteria. Checking the View All box will cause this filter to be ignored. When you’re ready, click the Update button to continue. If there are more filters marked Ask? you will be presented with another screen for the next filter. Finally, you will see a screen that summarizes the filers. Click Proceed to query to continue.

Runtime Options

The report will run and it will appear in the output that you selected.