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eMaint User Group Summit Documents


eMaint 2010 User Group Summits - NY/NJ Metro - Chicago - Altanta

Thank you for attending  our 2010 User Group Summit. This page will direct you to specific pages of eMaint University that you may find useful when implementing some of the items that were reviewed during the training sessions.

  • Brand New Report Writer Interface! - This is the fully updated manual for the new report writer tool. This will walk you through the basics of all functions available in the new tool and how you can get the best results when creating your new reports.
  • Scheduling Tool - Here is the full manual to the Scheduling tool. This manual has recently been updated to include all the new features that are about to be released including scheduling multiple individuals at one time, advanced user control, data export, and PM filtering.
  • All New PM Manager - This link will take you directly to the new PM Manager Documentation. Review how to use the updated user interface and the new 45 day projection tool.
  • Workflow Manager - This will take you right to the "Workflow Manager" portion of the Administration manual. Use this to review how to create some of the more complex workflows used in the "Advanced Configurations" presentation.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Technical Support Department @ 856-810-2700 x2 or if you have any questions or concerns.