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Sign On/Sign Off Feature

Work Orders: Sign On/Sign Off

The Sign On/Sign Off tool can be used to easily create accurate work order charges, using the MX application. It allows you to start a timer (Sign on) when you begin working on a work order, and stop it (sign off) when the work is completed. A labor charge will automatically be created for that work order, with the elapsed time for the quantity of hours.

In order for the Sign On/Sign Off functionality to work, you must first have a contact record associated with the user. In the desktop application, look up the contact record that represents the particular user and edit it. Enter the user’s login name (all caps) in the field called “X3 username.” Now the Sign On/Sign Off tool will know which contact should be used, when it automatically creates labor charges.

NOTE: This field already exists, even if it’s not shown on the contact form. If it's not shown, it can be added through design mode.

Sign On
When viewing a work order, you’ll see a Sign On button available.

Sign On Button

Click this to start the clock. You will continue to accumulate time, until you Sign Off.

The “My Work Orders” screen is often the easiest way to reach these work orders. It will show you all of the open work orders that are currently assigned to you. Just click on the one you want to start and click the Sign On button.

Sign Off
When the work is completed, you’ll need to sign off. Return to the same work order and, if you have signed on, you will see the Sign Off button.

Sign Off Button

After you click Sign Off, you will see a confirmation screen.

Sign Off Screen

  • Sign Off: Completes the action of signing off. This will cause a labor charge to be created on this work order, for the elapsed time.
  • Cancel Sign On: Stops the timer without creating a labor charge
  • Back to Work Order: Returns to the work order and keeps you signed on

Signed On Jobs
A helpful way to sign off is to locate the work order using the Signed On Jobs screen, which can be found on the Work Orders menu.

Signed On Jobs

This will take you directly to the work order for which you are currently signed on, making it easier to locate and then sign off.