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Learn More - RIME Ranking

RIME Ranking

RIME Rank (Ranking Index for Maintenance Expenditures)

What it does?
The RIME Rank on the Work Orders prioritizes the work that needs to be completed based on three variables that are specified by the user.  This method of ranking maintenance work orders is based on an index that combines both the “work classification” ranking and “asset criticality” ranking, to produce a single “RIME” number that is then used by the end user to prioritize the work.

Things to know
**Runs everyday
**Updates 1 value on the work orders

Associated Fields
Priority (wo.priority) - WO Form
*Populated on the WO after it is created depending on what type of work needs to be done. This can also be set on the PM to populate on the WO after it is generated.

RIME Code (compinfo.rimecode) - Asset Form
*Criticality ranking for the asset depending on how critical the piece of equipment is to operations

How is the RIME Rank calculated?
The RIME Rank is based on three values; Priority, RIME Code, and Factor.  Two of the three we already have specified on the WO and the Asset. (Priority = WO, RIME Code = Asset).  The third is the factor and that value is based on the following calculation:

FACTOR = (Today’s Date - WO Date)/7 * 5

The factor takes into account how long the WO has been open.  The factor is calculated each day along with the RIME Rank and not stored anywhere in the system.

Now that we have all of our values, we are ready to calculate our RIME Rank.  Below is the formula that the X3 system uses to make that calculation:

RIME Rank = (Priority * RIME Code) + Factor