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Learn More - Advanced PM Suppresson Settings

Advanced Suppression Settings

Aside from the Static and Shadow options for calendar and meter based PM schedules, the “Suppress PM (Meter)” and “Suppress PM (Calendar)” fields can be used to used to keep PM generation on track.

Suppress PM

The Suppress PM field is a logical (true/false) field that controls whether or not a PM schedule will generate. It’s normally set to false. Setting it to True will simply cause it not to generate either with the automatic process or the “Generate PM Work Orders” tool.

Suppress PM (Calendar)

This field provides an alternative way to preventing overlap of PM’s, different from the Shadow frequency option. This is intended to be used with a Calendar Freq Type of “Static.”

GENERATION: Set this field to True and, when the PM generates a work order, the PM will become suppressed; changing the standard “Suppress PM” field to True. The “suppression Reason” field will be automatically populated with an explanation. The Next PM Date will immediately be updated for next time, based on the frequency that has been set.

NOTE: Since the PM is suppressed, it won’t generate while the previous work order is still open. However, if enough time passes for its Next PM Date to be reached, the automatic PM process will update it and set it for the next generation’s date (skipping it), but it still won’t generate.

CLOSING: When the work order the previous PM created is closed, the PM schedule’s “Suppress PM” field will be changed back to false and the “Suppression Reason” field will become empty again. Unlike using the Shadow frequency type, no change will be made to the Next PM Date at this point.

Suppress PM (Meter)

This is an option that works along with a Meter Freq Type of Shadow. Shadow frequency for meters works a little differently from the calendar-based version: when a PM WO is closed, the interval for the next generation is adjusted based on the where the reading is at the time of closeout. However, while the WO is still open, it’s possible for the PM to generate again if its interval is reached. The Suppress PM (Meter) field will prevent this. With this field set to True, the PM schedule will be completely suppressed after it generates a work order. When the work order is closed, the PM will then be un-suppressed so it can resume.


In order to get these two PM Suppression fields onto your PM form, you'll need to add them through the form customization button in the Configure menu on your PM form.  Just select two open spots on your form and add the fields from the drop down menu.

After you've added these two fields and positioned them in a way that is pleasing to you, you can use them on your PMs.