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Learn More - Gantt Charts

Gantt Charts

Using the Projects tab is a great way to tie together Work Orders in your system.  A feature available to you in the Projects tab is the Gantt Chart.  A Gantt Chart is a way to view all Work Orders in a single project based on date information.  This lets you visualize how quickly work is being accomplished and in reference to the end date for your project.

To access these charts, open a project and click the Actions button the select Gantt Chart.

The first time you load the chart up, you’ll may find that it says there’s no data to display and it will be blank.  This is completely normal.  We can address this by clicking the Configure button at the bottom right to bring up some options.

There are three tabs with various options:

Project Information
Project Start Date / Project End Date - These two options allow you to designate when your project begins and ends and offer a number of choices for those times.
Show Today Trendline? - Puts a vertical line on your chart to show you where ‘today’ is each time you view the chart.

Work Orders
Description Field - The field you want to see for the Work Order

Start Date Field - Start Date for the chart

End Date Field - End date for the chart

Connector Field - Draws lines between WOs that share information in the specified field.
Is Milestone? -
Milestone Field
Milestone Date Field
Data Column 1/2/3 - Displayed next to the WO Number

Chart Options

Line Color - The color of the lines on the chart.

Header Color - The color of the header.

Header Font Color - The color of the header font.

Open WO Color - The color of Open Work Orders on the chart.

Completed WO Color - The color of Completed Work Orders on the chart.

Month Display Duraton - How many months does this chart cover?

Show Dates? - Toggle this to show the start and end dates for the Work Orders on the chart.

Allow Export? - Toggle this to allow or disallow exporting of this chart.

Export File Name - The default name for the files you create when exporting this chart.

Chart Width - Specifies the pixel width for this chart.

Chart Height - Specifies the pixel height for this chart.

Once you specify your settings, click Save and it will load your chart.  You can right click on this chart and select an Export option.  It will prepare the chart for export and, when ready, will give you a save link in a box below the chart.