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Meter Readings

Meter Readings

To enter a meter reading in MX Mobile, click on Meter Readings from the main menu (Fig. 5A). This will open the Mobile Add Meter Reading screen (Fig. 5B).

Fig. 5A                                                  Fig. 5B

From this screen, you will be able to enter the following information:

Asset ID
: Type in the Asset ID for the asset that you are updating here. If you are using a barcode scanner, you may be able to scan the barcode label for the asset instead of typing in the Asset ID.

Meter Type
: Select the units of the meter here. This value corresponds to the value in the Occurs Desc. field on the PM Schedule. The choices in this drop-down will be populated with Occurs Desc. values already entered into any existing PM schedules.

Meter Reading
: Enter the new reading on the asset’s meter here.

: Check this box if you are resetting the meter for this asset.

: When resetting a meter, a value may be entered here to adjust the Meter To-Date value for this meter, which is used to determine when the next PM work order should be generated. For example, if an asset with a PM every 200 hours has 100 hours on its meter and it is reset to 20 meters the Meter To-Date value will be 120 without an Adjust value, so the PM will generate in 80 hours. With an Adjust value of -100, the Meter To-Date will be reduced to 20 hours and the PM will generate in 180 hours.

After filling in the necessary information, click Save to submit the meter reading or Menu to exit to the Mobile main menu.