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Learn More - Parts Kitting

Kits containing multiple parts may be created through eMaint X3’s Inventory module. A kit will contain a set quantity of each part that is consumed to form a new part representing the entire group of parts. This kit can be charged to work orders like a standard part in order to easily track the costs associated with the entire kit.

In order to set up and create kits, a user must be the account administrator or have specific permissions assigned to the username through User Administration based on what actions are necessary.

Access Kitting Parts - Allows a user to view the parts in a kit.

Add Kitting Parts - Allows a user to add parts to a kit.

Edit Kitting Parts - Allows a user to edit a part in a kit.

Delete Kitting Parts - Allows a user to remove parts from a kit.

Create Part Kits - Allows a user to create kits. This increases the number of kits on hand and reduces the inventory of the kit’s individual parts.

Break Part Kits - Allows a user to break kits. This decreases the number of kits on hand and returns the kit’s individual parts to inventory.

Building a Kit

To build a new kit, a part record for the kit must first be made. The contents of the kit are defined in the Kit Items related table, which can be found below the created part. To add a new part to the kit, click the Add button here.

This will bring up a form that will allow adding a new part to this kit. There are several fields to fill in here.

Kit Item No - This will contain the Item No for the kit created earlier.

Part Item No - Fill in the Item No for the part to be contained within the kit here.

Description - This will fill in with the description of the item selected in the lookup above.

Quantity - Fill in the quantity of this part to be contained within the kit here.

Inventory Location - If multiple inventory locations are enabled in your account, this will allow you to select the location where the contents of the kit are taken from in order to create the kit.

Save the record to add this part to the kit. This process can be repeated to add all of the parts necessary to the kit. The parts in the kit will be listed in the related table below the kit’s part record.

Creating a Kit

In order to add kits to inventory for later use, kits must be created from their component parts in inventory. With a kit’s detail view open, select Create Kit from the Actions menu.

This will open an interface where the quantity of kits to create and location to create them for may be selected. Click the Proceed button after confirming these values to create the kits.

The On Hand amount for the kit part will increase by the quantity selected, while the component parts’ On Hand values will decrease by the quantity of kits selected multiplied by the quantity of the part in each kit. If this is the first time that this kit has been created and the Standard inventory method is in place, the Unit Cost value will populate with the total value of all of the kit’s components.

Breaking a Kit

If it is necessary to return the parts in a kit back to their individual inventory, a kit may be broken. This function has the opposite effect of creating a kit: kit inventory is reduced and component part inventory is increased. A kit may be broken by selecting Break Kit from the Actions menu while viewing a kit.

This will open an interface that is similar to the kit creation interface. Select the quantity of kits to break and the location to return the component parts to, then click Proceed to break the kits.