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Material Request

Material requests allow greater control over the administration of your inventory system within eMaint. With this enhancement, work requestor users will also be able to submit material requests. A standard user with sufficient permission will need to approve the material request in order to have the parts charged out of inventory.

The Material Request module must be installed by eMaint before it can be utilized by users in your account. Please contact eMaint support for more information regarding this process. After installation. these material request permissions will be available in User Administration:

Approve Requests - This allows a user to approve material requests.

Access File - This allows a user to view existing requests.

Add Records - This allows a user to create new requests outside of the requestor interface.

Edit Records - This allows a user to edit existing material requests.

Delete Records - This allows a user to delete existing material requests.

List Records - This allows a user to view the list of material requests on the Navigation page.

Return Parts - This allows a user to return parts requested back to inventory.

Adding a Material Request

Material requests can be added through the requestor interface or directly on a work order. X3 will automatically direct work requestor users to the requestor interface, but standard users may also access it by clicking My Requests on the Navigation page.

A new material request can be created by clicking on the Add Material Request link in the top right of this screen. This will bring up a material request header form. You may need to provide additional information depending on your form's configuration. This form may be customized by standard users with form customization permissions.

Then, click Save New Record to continue. After saving this record, the material request header will be shown with a Request Detail related table below it. This is where one or more material line items can be added to show which parts are being requested by clicking the Add button on the related table. This will open the request detail form.

The request detail form can be used to select an item and quantity, as well as the inventory location to request the part from. Saving this record will return to the request header, where additional materials may be requested. Note that a user may request a quantity of materials that is greater than the amount in stock; a warning will appear to notify the user of this, but the request submission will not be rejected. You may also see the status of a request here.

In addition to using the above method, standard users may also create material requests directly on a work order. After installation, a related table should be added to the work order form that functions similarly to the Request Detail table shown above. Each requested material can be added without a material request header if this method is used, as the work order itself provides the same functionality as the header would.

Approving a Material Request

Requests may be approved by standard users with the appropriate permissions using two methods. There is an applicable approval method for each of the above add methods. For material requests added through the request interface, there is a list available from the Navigation page named “Material Request” under the Data Center heading. This will provide a configurable list view with each header as a record. By opening a header, users will be able to approve parts using the link in the Actions menu.

This will bring up a screen showing the amount of each material requested, the amount of each on hand and an area to specify what quantity to approve. Individual items may be selected or unselected for approval using the checkboxes on the left. The OK button at the bottom will confirm the approval and charge out the parts from inventory. Note that with default inventory configurations, the on hand amount for each part in the approved request lines must be greater than or equal to the quantity of approval for that respective part.

In addition to showing up on the above list with the work order number referenced, material requests added directly to a work order can be approved by opening the same work order and using a similar Approve Parts menu item under the Actions menu at the top of a work order.

Returning a Part from a Material Request

An approved part may be returned by opening up the Request Details record for the part to be returned. This can be accessed using either of the above methods to get to an area where the request line items are visible, then clicking on the GoTo link next to the part to be returned. From this line item view, the Action menu will show a Return Parts link.

This link will bring up a screen where you may enter the quantity of the part to return. Confirm the return amount by clicking the Proceed button.

Note that a line item from a material request may not be returned if the work order it is linked to is closed.