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Using the Scheduler in X3

Join Steve Carbonetta, eMaint Support Team Leader, as he explores the powerful Scheduling tab in X3 and shows each of its features and how to customize it to work best for you.  In this 45 minute webinar Steve will cover:

PM Projection

PM Projection

The PM Projection feature allows you to view the PM work orders that will be generated in the future, based on their PM Schedules. To turn this feature on, first click the wrench icon to bring up the options menu. There, you’ll see “PM Projection” as one of your choices. Click it to put a check mark next to it and display the projected PM’s on the calendar, grouped by their assets. It can be turned off in the same way.

eMaint Tip of the Week - Creating a Filter for the Scheduler Tab - 01/25/09

In this short video presentation Steve Carbonetta reviews how to create a filter to be utilized in the new Scheduler tool as well as other areas of the application such as the workflow manager.

Scheduling Tab Introduction

This session, provided by Product Support Specialist Steve Carbonetta, introduces the new Scheduling tool. This short introduction will give you the basics needed to become familiar with the tool and utilize its basic functionality.

Modifying Assignments

Modifying Assignments

The visual representation of each assignment is made up of 2 boxes, which are, by default, two different shades of red. The larger outer box is the contact box. This shows the contact’s name and the total number of hours that are scheduled. The smaller inner box is the work order box. It displays the information on the work order that’s assigned to that contact. There can be several work orders inside one contact box.

1: Create 2 assignments for the same person, on the same day. They can be different work orders.

Work Orders on the Calendar

Viewing Work Orders

Another helpful feature is the ability to view your work orders on the calendar. To use this, go up to the wrench menu again and click “WO by Date.” A menu will come up, prompting you to choose a date field by which to organize the work orders.

Wo by Date Window

Scheduling Tab

Below is product documentation to get you started with the eMaint X3 Scheduler. Topics that are covered include:

Scheduling Tab
- Calendar Views - day/week/month
- Modifying the calendar - what/how it displays work orders and assignments
- WO Assignments
- WO Grouped by Date
- WO by Date
- Color Settings
Assigning Work
- Contacts
- Creating and Selecting Filters
- Filtering the Calendar Detail View
- Work Orders
- Creating and Selecting Filters
- Creating New Assignments
- Updating Assignments
- Rescheduling Assignments individually

More Options and Views

Color Settings

Another option in the wrench menu is “Color Settings.” Clicking this will bring up a window where you can select the colors you’d like the various calendar items to be. You can change the colors of assignments, WO’s by date, and WO’s grouped by date.

1: Go to the wrench menu and click on "Color Settings." A window will appear, showing 6 different color boxes. Each represents the color of a part of a calendar item. You can change the colors of the inner and outer boxes on the assignments or work orders.

Adding an Assignment

Creating an Assignment

We’re going to start by creating an assignment. This is done by assigning a contact to a work order, for a certain amount of time, on a certain day. Just follow these steps:

1: First, click the box to the left of any contact that appears in the contacts panel. This will put a check mark in the box and cause the record to turn orange, indicating that this contact is selected.

Navigation and View


If you’d like to view different weeks, you can click the “<<” and “>>” buttons to scroll through previous and future weeks. If you’re viewing a week that is not the current week, you can click the “today” button to return to the current week.

Navigation Buttons

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