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Learn More - Using the Work Flow Manager

Using the Workflow Manager

Accessed through the Administration section of the Navigation Tab, the Workflow Manager allows you to configure your system to react to certain events. You define “rules” where, if certain criteria are met, certain actions take place.

An example might be to create a rule where, if a work order is saved with a WO Type equal to “Emergency”, the system reacts by changing the “Assign To” value on the work order person (effect).

The Workflow File Listing displays all of your workflows in a list view. When you enter this section for the first time there will not be any workflows. Click the “Add New Record” link to add a new workflow


Below is product documentation to get you started as an Administrator of eMaint X3.

The Training Guide is a companion to the System Administration training course.

The series of Learn More guides are overviews on how to complete key activities as an Administrator.

Training Guide - Work Order Management Level 1

This 25-page resource guide is the companion to the Work Order Management Level 1 training course. It provides a detailed review, including screen shots, of the tools available in X3 to manage work orders and work requests. Including:

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