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Planning, Scheduling and Executing Outages

In this Webinar Randy Pound, President and CEO of Solved Inc, provides a valuable overview of tools, metrics and methodologies for effective planning and execution of scheduled process downtime that can be put into practice immediately by any organization. Randy will discuss the right tools that are necessary for before, after, and during any outage.

Throughout the presentation, Randy will walk you through:

Leaders roles and responsibilities during the outage
Tasks, milestones, and the critical path
How to determine the time to schedule for each task

These CMMS Best Practices webinars are a value-added service presented by eMaint Enterprises.

CMMS Evaluation, Selection and Cost Justification Webinar

In this webinar, Ralph Peters, President of The Maintenance Excellence Institute, discusses detailed CMMS justification factors from his book Maintenance Benchmarking and Best Practices: A Profit and Customer Centered Approach.
Throughout the webinar Ralph will be referencing a real life case study from Argentina's largest steel maker, SIDERAR, that will aid in documenting:

The CMMS evaluation/selection process
The projected benefits and ROI to cost justify system implementation
How to gain better value from existing systems and validate ROI

Additional topics that will be discussed include:

7 key steps for gaining maximum value from a system
Developing economic justification with 4 factors
Implementing key best practices
Improving overall craft productivity

For a complete understanding of the eMaint X3 CMMS system, consider one of our product evaluation options.

These CMMS Best Practices webinars are a value-added service presented by eMaint Enterprises.

Organize Your Storeroom For Success

Tune into this webinar with Doug Wallace, Materials Management Subject Matter Expert for Life Cycle Engineering, to find out exactly where your storeroom challenges lie, and hear some of the suggestions designed to fix or even prevent them.

Examine a number of areas to identify potential pitfalls, as well as ways to avoid or correct them, such as:

•    The infrastructure of the storeroom itself
•    Location of the storeroom
•    Accessibility to the storeroom
•    Physical layout within the storeroom
•    Bin identification schemes
•    Visual Management Techniques
•    Space Utilization

Learn how the storeroom contributes to the success (or failure) of Materials Management personnel in meeting the expectations of your customers in Maintenance and Operations.

How To Build and Use Maintenance Job Plans

eMaint is pleased to welcome Jeff Shiver, CMRP, CPMM, a Managing Principal for People and Processes, Inc. to present this month's Best Practice webinar on "Learning How to Build and Use Maintenance Job Plans."

You read all the articles that mention them and you hear all the people talking about them.  But when it comes to the Maintenance Job Plan, they can be a real bear to develop. What is the intent really?  How do I use it to make my job as a Planner better?  How does it help the craftspeople?

Benchmarking your CMMS Implementation Process

eMaint is pleased to welcome back Ralph "Pete" Peters, President-Founder of The Maintenance Excellence Institute, to present this webinar on "CMMS Benchmarking Systems for Measuring your CMMS Implementation Process."

Defining and Setting Targets for Key Reliability Measurements

eMaint is pleased to have Tom Dabbs, Reliability Specialist at ITT Corporation, present on Defining and Setting Targets for Key Reliability measurements derived from data within your CMMS.

Tom, an Electrical Engineer with over 30 years of industry experience, will cover the following during his presentation:

  • Defining key measures of success for any maintenance operation
  • Discussing why each measurement is important
  • Providing "Benchmarks" or targets for each measurement

How to Reduce Your Inventory Wisely

Please join us as Dan and Julie Floen, President and CEO of Professional Materials Management, Inc, discuss and demonstrate how your CMMS can provide you with information to help answer these questions about reducing your inventory.

The BIG question they will address is how to make the most of your inventory investment while preserving service levels to your user community and customers.

Inventory represents a major financial investment. But, cutting inventory can open us up to costly risks if not done correctly.

So, what is a wise maintenance manager to do??

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