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Hints & Tips for Foundational Data for Your CMMS

Please join us as Robert DiStefano from Management Resources Group (MRG) discusses the importance and value of ensuring that the foundational data in your CMMS is accurate, complete, and properly configured.

In this session, Robert will explain topics to enable each webinar attendee to understand:

  • The Business Case for Data Integrity
  • What are the Business Problems - hidden problems
  • What is Foundational Data - data linkages to business issues
  • What does "Good Data" look like?
  • Why can't we build it "as we go?"

The ACE Team Benchmarking Process for Estimating Maintenance Type Work

In this video, Ralph 'Pete' Peters, President and Founder of The Maintenance Excellence Institute, explains the ACE Team Process and how it is going to add greater value to you maintenance organization.  After watching the video, viewers should be enabled to:

  • Develop a formal charter for an ACE team.
  • Define and perform job analysis to define benchmark jobs. (a traditional job plan)
  • Perform Continuous Reliability Improvement analysis on benchmark jobs with RCM, RCA, and FMEA techniques, etc.

Contact Management (11:08)

Course Title: Contact Management

Course Description: This session will teach you tips and tricks on proper setup and configuration of your contact records so that you can take advantage of certain system features and options.

Length: 30 minutes

How Often Course Is Offered Once a Month

Agenda/ Topics Covered:

Please contact eMaint Support for live training registration details. (856) 810-2700 x2

Data Explorers

Data Explorers

The Data Explorer is a very useful tool that allows you to view your assets, parts, work orders, PM’s, and contacts in a unique way. By configuring the “tree view,” you can see the records broken down and separated by the values in the fields of your choosing. This allows you to organize them in a way that the standard list view cannot.

X3 Workshop Webinar - 13 Tips to become more productive with X3

Helpful Tips to become more productive and get the most out of eMaint X3
This session, provided by Product Specialist Alex Allen, reviews 13 tips and tricks to become more productive while using eMaint X3. These tips include internet browser settings, useful default values for data entry forms, little known functions within X3, and tricks to help get the most out of automated reports and dashboard reporting.

Using a browser that supports tabs.

eMaint Tip of the Week - Utilizing the Tab Manager - 02/01/2010

In this short video presentation Kevin Cronin reviews how to select which tabs are available within the X3 user interface and in what order they will display.

This video is Subscriber Only Content

eMaint Tip of the Week - Creating a Filter for the Scheduler Tab - 01/25/09

In this short video presentation Steve Carbonetta reviews how to create a filter to be utilized in the new Scheduler tool as well as other areas of the application such as the workflow manager.

X3-406.000 : Requisitioning

Event Type: 
eMaint Product Specialist

Course Length

Approx. 2 Hrs.

Course Cost

$ 500.00

Course Description

X3-301.000 : Planning and Scheduling in X3

Event Type: 
eMaint Product Specialist
Course Length Approx. 2 Hrs.
Course Cost $ 300.00
Course Description
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