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X3 Workshop: Exploring MX Mobile & Mobile Maintenance

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Meter Readings

Meter Readings

To enter a meter reading in MX Mobile, click on Meter Readings from the main menu (Fig. 5A). This will open the Mobile Add Meter Reading screen (Fig. 5B).

Integrating Barcoding with your CMMS

Brenda Mikesell of Barcoding Inc. will discuss how barcoding can compliment a CMMS system.  Using your CMMS, you can generate a barcode for any asset or work order.  Mikesell will explain how a barcoding system can then improve operational efficiency and inventory accuracy.  She will also provide tips about how to choose the right scanner for your maintenance management system.  



Find Assets:

To search for assets by category, click the Assets button in the Main Menu (Fig. 2A). This will take you to the Assets search page (Fig. 2B).


Work Orders

Work Orders

WO : My Work Orders

To view open work orders, in the Main Menu, click Work Orders (Fig. 1A). This will take you to the Work Orders Menu page (Fig. 1B). Next, click My Work Orders to view the My Open Work Orders list view.


eMaint MX Mobile

The Training Guide is a detailed overviews on how to complete key activities within the MX system.
The Mobile Technology is a presentation from the 2007 User Conference which introduces the concept of mobile technologies and the efficiency improvements they can provide.

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