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Lean CMMS with Joel Levitt

Joel Levitt, a best-selling author and Maintenance Management Consultant& Trainer,  brings you the powerful advantages of lean maintenance projects.

Learn how you can use Lean Work Order and Lean CMMS principals to maximize the profitability of your maintenance program..

Joel will demonstrate how to harness the data within your CMMS to make decisions and improve ROI.

Integrating Barcoding with your CMMS

Brenda Mikesell of Barcoding Inc. will discuss how barcoding can compliment a CMMS system.  Using your CMMS, you can generate a barcode for any asset or work order.  Mikesell will explain how a barcoding system can then improve operational efficiency and inventory accuracy.  She will also provide tips about how to choose the right scanner for your maintenance management system.  

Maintenance Scoreboard - a Comprehensive Maintenance Assessment

The Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence assessment is an efficient way to determine your opportunities for maintenance improvement. With over 27 best practice categories and 300 evaluation items, The Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence is recognized as the most complete and comprehensive assessment tool.

The Scoreboard is also and effective way to provide your company with a baseline measurement of how you compare to other organizations.  So it's no wonder the scoreboard is used as an internal benchmarking tool by over 4,000 organizations.

Data Explorers

Data Explorers

The Data Explorer is a very useful tool that allows you to view your assets, parts, work orders, PM’s, and contacts in a unique way. By configuring the “tree view,” you can see the records broken down and separated by the values in the fields of your choosing. This allows you to organize them in a way that the standard list view cannot.

Measuring and Improving Overall Craft Effectiveness

Craft productivity is a key element for a successful maintenance operation. Measuring and improving Overall Craft Effectiveness (OCE) is an important component of a continuous reliability improvement process and total asset management.

Just as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) focuses on physical asset availability, performance and quality, the OCE factor focuses on labor productivity and measuring and improving the contribution of people assets.

In this webinar,  Ralph W. "Pete" Peters, Founder-President of the Maintenance Excellence Institute, will:

PM Projection

PM Projection

The PM Projection feature allows you to view the PM work orders that will be generated in the future, based on their PM Schedules. To turn this feature on, first click the wrench icon to bring up the options menu. There, you’ll see “PM Projection” as one of your choices. Click it to put a check mark next to it and display the projected PM’s on the calendar, grouped by their assets. It can be turned off in the same way.

X3-301.000 : Planning and Scheduling in X3

Event Type: 
eMaint Product Specialist
Course Length Approx. 2 Hrs.
Course Cost $ 300.00
Course Description

Scheduling Tab Introduction

This session, provided by Product Support Specialist Steve Carbonetta, introduces the new Scheduling tool. This short introduction will give you the basics needed to become familiar with the tool and utilize its basic functionality.

Modifying Assignments

Modifying Assignments

The visual representation of each assignment is made up of 2 boxes, which are, by default, two different shades of red. The larger outer box is the contact box. This shows the contact’s name and the total number of hours that are scheduled. The smaller inner box is the work order box. It displays the information on the work order that’s assigned to that contact. There can be several work orders inside one contact box.

1: Create 2 assignments for the same person, on the same day. They can be different work orders.

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